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Want to restore your smile, but can’t seem to find out where to get the cheapest all on 4 dental implants in Australia? You’re not alone. 

As a savvy shopper, it’s natural that you want to understand the range of prices before making a decision. But searching ‘cheapest all on 4 australia’ tends to bring up conflicting information. You are probably seeing different prices, thousands of dollars apart, for what looks like the same treatment.  But what if you had the tools to make sense of it all?

This article is here to help you decipher the offers you’ve seen, and understand what’s included and what’s not.

Read on to get an idea of what separates the cheapest all on 4 implants in Sydney, Australia from the most expensive, and why.

But a note before we get started. If you’re tired of researching and would prefer to talk to a person, you can quickly book a complimentary consultation here. That’s right: it’s completely free to find out how much your implant procedure and full arch of replacement teeth at a quality dental facility will cost. You’ll get an opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner - based on a careful assessment of your oral health - without paying a cent. 

Alternatively, you can download a price guide including separate item codes for each element of All-on-4 treatment. Item codes make it easy to find out how much of a rebate you’re entitled to; just run them by your health fund.



For cost information on All-on-4, dental implants and smile makeovers, download our price guide - including item codes for your health fund.

Now - there are two answers to the question of the cheapest all on four in Australia. 

It depends on:

  • the type of treatment you have
  • the place where you have it

The cheapest type of All-on-4 treatment

It’s not always obvious from the information that’s out there, but there are two distinct types of All-on-4 treatment; one-bridge, and two-bridge. 

The terms one-bridge and two-bridge don’t refer to whether you’re having both your upper and lower teeth replaced. They refer to how many stages it takes to get your final teeth. 

One-bridge solutions are by far the cheapest, usually costing under $20,000. That’s because - as the name suggests - you get just one tooth bridge. Your new, final set of teeth is fitted shortly after your implant placement procedure and that’s the end of the story.

Cheapest all on 4 implants - 3 main elements
The three main elements of All-on-4 implants

The advantage to this is you have your new smile in just a few days. But there is one serious disadvantage you’ll want to know about. Read on to find out what it is.

The big drawback of a one-bridge treatment is that for 3-6 months following implant surgery, your gums and jaw shift and change as they heal. But one-bridge solutions cannot be adjusted to compensate for this natural remodelling. That means food may get caught, or fluid and air movement could make speaking more difficult. But these issues are overcome with a two-bridge solution.

Two-bridge solutions already include a second bridge crafted to fit you after your jaw bone has healed. While they are a bigger investment upfront, they will save you money in the long run. And you will get more natural-looking and comfortable results. 

The good news is you can still enjoy the benefits of an affordable introductory tooth bridge - like our ELEMENTS package - and upgrade to a more customised bridge any time after healing. 

ELEMENTS starts at $19,500 excluding sedation. It is ready to wear shortly after your implant placement, so you can go on with life as usual while you heal. It is crafted with Ivoclar Phonares acrylic teeth. The bridge itself is made of acrylic, reinforced with a metal bar inside. It’s a great start, but like any one-bridge treatment, it may not be a permanent solution. 

Dental Implants On Miller’s VITALITY and PRESTIGE packages are two-bridge treatments that will last for many years, perhaps decades, with proper care. Both packages include the ELEMENTS bridge, which you’ll wear for 3-6 months as you heal. 

And both the VITALITY and PRESTIGE two-bridge packages feature a computer-designed and milled titanium substructure based on a 3D scan of your jaw. This provides a much more streamlined and comfortable fit. Plus, you get the added benefit of metal in contact with your gums, which is better for gum health and easier to clean. 

The ELEMENTS bridge starts at $19,500 excluding sedation. And you can choose between two upgrade options: VITALITY, and PRESTIGE. 


For an additional $12,000, VITALITY offers a second bridge with a computer-designed and milled titanium substructure, and quality acrylic replacement teeth. 


For an additional $14,000, PRESTIGE you can upgrade to a milled titanium second bridge with the added beauty and durability of bespoke zirconia replacement teeth. [You can find out more about what makes zirconia an exceptional tooth replacement material here.]

The bottom line is: if you see cheap All-on-4 prices, the first question to ask is whether they include one bridge or two. A second bridge is the best way to achieve natural-looking results and long-lasting comfort.

The cheapest place to get All on 4 Implants

Experience counts for a lot when it comes to restoring people’s smiles. 

Obviously, you want an experienced dentist to treat something as important as your face. But did you know that any dentist can offer dental implants and All-on-4 treatment? That’s right. No specialised training is required even though dental implant surgery is not routinely taught at dental school. 

But the good news is that special training is available. Dentists who want to advance their skills can undertake further education focusing on dental implants.

Dr Daniel Adamo has completed thousands of dental implants
Dr Daniel Adamo has completed thousands of dental implants and restored thousands of smiles.

Dr Adamo has done just that, completing the prestigious and rigorous Graduate Diploma in Clinical Dentistry (Oral Implants). On top of that, he has over 12 years of experience providing All-on-4 treatment specifically. He has been  placing dental implants for over two decades, and has literally performed the procedure thousands of times. And he has founded three successful dental implant clinics. 

Dentists who have invested less time and money in training may offer cheaper all on 4 prices. But dental implant procedures carry risks, so it’s important to know how much experience and training your All-on-4 dentist has.

To sum up, those are the two main things that create such a big gap between the cheapest all on 4 in Australia and other treatments.

If it seems cheap, it may only include one bridge. If treatment costs are higher, it’s likely they include a second bridge, fitted to your jaw after it’s healed. And it’s always worth remembering that experience level and extra training play a part in dentists’ fees. 

Either way, those are the questions to ask. 

A few more things that influence All-on-4 pricing

If you’re keen to take a deep dive into absolutely everything that influences All on Four costs, check out this blog post. Or read on for a snapshot of a couple more factors. 

Cheaper materials

Dentists have a lot of choices when it comes to the individual components that make up All-on-4 treatment. Some are cheaper than others.

For example, dentists who use cheaper dental implants - the part of the bridge that is placed in your jaw - may offer cheaper All on Four prices. 

But those savings come with risks. And at Dental Implants on Miller, we don’t take risks with your smile. 

That’s why we exclusively use Nobel Biocare implants. Nobel Biocare was a pioneer of implantology. The company has been manufacturing, testing and improving dental implant technology for 65 years. We choose Nobel Biocare because we know our patients can have absolute confidence in their precise, reliable implant products. And that is worth every cent. 

When it comes to tooth bridges, overseas-manufactured products can cost less than locally-made ones. But bridges are classed as a ‘custom medical device’ under our health laws. This means overseas bridges don’t have to comply with Australia’s stringent manufacturing regulations. So cheaper All-on-4 prices might mean lower quality bridges made off shore. Again, investing in a better quality bridge will likely save you money in the long term thanks to better durability.

Cheapest all on 4 implants - Dr Daniel Adamo will work closely with you
Dr. Adamo will work closely with you to find the right solution and affordable option for your individual needs.

Your oral health

No dentist can tell you exactly how much All-on-4 will cost for you without checking your overall oral health and putting together a treatment plan.

That’s because you may have some conditions that must be addressed before All-on-4 can succeed - gum disease, or bone loss.

If you have bone loss, bone grafting is necessary before implants are placed. The amount of grafting depends on your bone density and your remaining teeth. 

And of course, treating these conditions comes with extra costs. So any price you’re quoted without an in-person assessment is purely hypothetical. 

The bottom line on cheap dental implants

Thanks for reading all the way down to here! We hope this article has been helpful in deciphering what you pay for when you get All-on-4 treatment. 

Our firm belief is that while cost is important, your happiness is priceless. It’s crucial that you have all the information you need to choose what’s right for you. 

Please feel free to contact us to seek a second opinion if you have any questions about All-on-4 advice you’ve been given. And don’t forget you can download our detailed price guide, or book your complimentary consultation here.



For cost information on All-on-4, dental implants and smile makeovers, download our price guide - including item codes for your health fund.

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